Charity silent Auctions ideas and Halloween Themes

Today I drove past a chain link fence with a large sign that read HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRAINING ACADEMY.  Bulldozers, dump trucks and silent auction donation ideas other construction equipment sat behind the fence. A Google search revealed many of these heavy equipment schools across the country.  Although the individual training courses offered by most of the academies are several weeks long, I wonder if an academy might be persuaded to donate a 1-hour hands-on lesson (with an instructor) to operate a bulldozer? Or a backhoe?  Or an excavator?

Consider the potential of this idea …

If Tonka dump trucks were your husband’s favorite sandbox toy, you could buy him the real deal experience at your charity function!

He’ll enjoy a one-hour dump truck lesson for his birthday while you support your charity.  On his big day, send a buddy with him to take (hilarious) photos, and by the time they both return from the adventure, you’ll have his surprise birthday party all set-up.  This sounds like such a riot that it almost makes me wish I had a husband.  Almost.

Does your young son love to watch the bulldozer operators working along the highway? Perhaps the academy would donate the opportunity to sit in a dozer at the academy. Your son would be in 7th heaven.

I’ve heard it said that men are just little boys who never really grow up.  If that’s true, then these big boys toys would be a perfect fit for the man in your life.  I suspect that even adventurous females would bid on this at an auction. (I know I would.)  Remember that unique items often sell well, and this  be unique!